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 Most systems of ritual magick are confusing to the average person. Riddled with blind spots and misinformation, this is done intentionally in order to make real magick inaccessible to most people.

Our job is to sift through the nonsense and discover the gold hidden within a system, then break it down in a scientific way in order to make it practical and applicable for myself and others to use and obtain real results. Because of this, we are currently one of the most frequently hired Magickians in the world today.

Not only do we perform ritual services on behalf of our clientele, but we also train and teach others how to perform these rites for themselves - giving them the knowledge and the tools necessary to conquer their own reality. Our ultimate goal in this life is to demystify the occult arts and help ritual magick become a part of mainstream society.

Once a person understands “Magick” on a scientific level, they are able to comprehend the mechanics of how and why it works. It becomes less scary and far more practical. Magick is a sword that when wielded properly, can be used to overcome any obstacle or hopeless situation. If everyone let go of their fear and picked up this sword, then you would have a society of people who were individually empowered. They could not be dominated. They could not be enslaved. They could not be ruled by a tyrannical force of any kind. You would have a free society of people who were healthy, wealthy, happy, and strong. ...And this is precisely why Magick has been demonized and criminalized throughout history. As well, this is precisely what we and others like us are working to change.
~ Lawless Metaphysics ~

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