Clear Cylinder | Apocalypse Water Programmable Pendant

Clear Cylinder | Apocalypse Water Programmable Pendant


The pendant/necklace:

This pendant is made of high quality Stainless Steel & Transparent Glass that is filled with Apocalypse water.

It comes on a 22" stainless steel chain.


The Elixir:

I created this Apocalypse Water originally for the Virus Frequency Hijacking ritual that J.S. Garrett, and I performed on Easter 2020. The VFH was performed in order to ally with the Coronavirus frequency, as well as hijack the fear, anxiety, and panic that was being pumped in the ether in order to create the positive changes that we black magickians wished to see unfold in reality. Performing it on Easter was a rite of blasphemy, as well as another hijacking of the Christian energy and a form of reclaiming Ishtar’s day that was stolen from us.


J.S. & I collected this water from one of our favorite waterfalls near our home in the Appalachian mountains. It is a waterfall that we have frequented regularly for the last 8 years. During the tornado season that we experience here, both in 2019 and 2020, this particular waterfall, had tornados rip along the riverside. Trees were torn down or broken in half and the river beds had greatly been shifted. It was hardly recognizable and the landscape was forever changed.


This had amplified the already extremely intense energy to something immeasurable. We could feel it radiating with chaos energy from the moment we turned onto the 3-mile dirt road to reach the falls. It only grew stronger as we closed in on the walking path. By the time we had reached the falls on foot, it was so intense that it would’ve made muggles feel sick to their stomachs, but for the black magickian it only made us excited. We knew this water was special, and we knew it could be forged into something extremely useful and transcending. So we collected bottles of it!


After bringing it home, I made it my pet project. In a 3 hour ritual, I summoned forth the energies of Satan, Shemyaza, Astarte, Medusa, Margol (the Turkey Vulture God) and Belial and infused their energies into the water. Specifying reclaiming of this reality for the adversarial blood. I forged the water with the intent of creating a magickal elixir that will allow the user to call forth these demons in order to wage war, storms or chaos of change on anyone or anything that would try to control or oppress them.


Then during the VFH Rite, JS and I dedicated this water to The Storm God, Baal. Not only for protection but for vengeance. I also pushed my intent of it creating the change of truth. Revelations occur in huge forms in front of the entire world and for more of our brothers and sisters to awaken. I then anointed it with a blood sacrifice and sat it upon our altars to continue to soak up the spirit energies. This water has now been brewing for months, only gaining strength.


This elixir is important and brings a strong force into any working as it brings the Storms of Chaos and Change with it. This is good in Love, Break-up, Wealth, Empowerment, Healing and Baneful workings - all depending on the sorcerers intent! Great for any chaos magickian!


Programmable Pendant:

Because this water is stationary, each time you program it with your intent, you are programming the technology within to work in the specific ways you desire it to. This means that over time, it will become an extension of you and your magick and only become stronger and more powerful to bring forth your desires and intentions.


The necklace:

You are purchasing the pendant alone, however, we are gifting you a 22" stainless steel chain.



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