Wealth & Prestige Blowing Powder | 30ml jar | **Pre-Order**

Wealth & Prestige Blowing Powder | 30ml jar | **Pre-Order**



This is currently back ordered. We will be replenishing this powder in June 2021. If you would like to ensure receipt of a bottle, order now. I will ship those pre-ordered as soon as it is ready.

**Extremely limited quantities**  

We do not perform universal rituals very often, so this is extremely limited in its availability and could be months before it is restocked. Purchase while you can. First come, first served.

Once we have performed a sacrificial rite, we are left with the ashes and sacrificial remains that radiate the energy of the ritual within them. This is because they hold the entity energy, the sacrifice energy as well as the desired intent. The remains that create this particular Universal Wealth & Prestige Blowing Powder are the remains from a ritual performed to simply bestow honor and praise upon Suhn'Tal'Ock in exchange for empowering this powder.

A 2nd ritualization performed on the powder:

Once this honoring ritual was completed, we collected the ash, cooled and dry them over a period of days. Barbie then ground them into a fine powder and ritualized them again with the recipes and spell that was gifted to her by Shemyaza from the Shamanic path she started more than 5 years ago. She will add herbs, oils and even coyote, rabbit and owl bones for additional power. She then bloods and opens The Master Key, sitting the enchanted powder upon it for seven days while during that time she paid blood to Shemyaza daily in exchange for adding even more enchantment to the powder. She also add crystals for one more additional power source.

How to use the powder to change your economic status and productivity on this plane:

By instilling all of these different power sources within this blowing powder, she has created an atomic bomb of Wealth & Prestige Energy. This can be used to create change and destroy obstacles that stand in your way of forging your empire upon this plane. With this substance, you simply activate it with your voice box by stating a small incantation of "By the power of Azazel's General, Suhn'Tal'Ock, I activate you to....(state your intent)", and then sprinkle it where the target will come in contact with the powder. It is that easy.

Some ideas of when to use this powder are:

  • Amplify your sales at work by sprinkling this upon the sales floor or inside of your shoes
  • Destroy an enemy that is sabotaging your career
  • Sweeten your boss to you (I would add some love powder to this equation to make them even sweeter on you)
  • Destroy any blockage keeping you from obtaining that raise or promotion
  • Create a more productive atmosphere
  • Attract Wealth & Abundance
  • Blow upon yourself, or sprinkle in your shoes, before going into a meeting or interview
  • Sprinkle upon a report or project as you turn it in
  • The possibilities are endless for the areas this powder can help you within 

Warning - due to the nature of this powder having coaled remains within it, it can be messy. But does not stain.
Use with caution.  

This purchase does include shipping:

Priority mail within the USA

First class international shipping


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