Master Key | Mask | Black (Free USA shipping)

Master Key | Mask | Black (Free USA shipping)


Master Key | Mask | Black

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Extremely comfortable, super soft cotton blend material. Has loops for security over the face. Protect yourself with the added power of Shemyaza and the Master Key! Tap into the energy of the first Angel that said "fuck the slave god" and taught humans the art of Self Deification.

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*Don't forget the matching T-shirt - and Amulets coming soon*

What is the Master Key?

Today, I unveil my newest breakthrough in unlocking the mysteries of hidden, forbidden demonic power — a universal sigil of Shemyaza, the Watchers, and a secret group called the Master Gods, revealed by Shemyaza himself.

The great chief Shemyaza calls his weapon: The Master Key.

For years, I performed magick of the Watchers under the common belief that no recorded sigil of Shemyaza exists. However, in 2017, my breakthrough experiences contradict that, and might revolutionize magick of the Fallen Angels forever…

Between 2015 to 2017, I underwent a two-year pathworking with the popular Fallen Angel, culminating in the most lifechanging gnosis of my entire life at the height of the Full Solar Eclipse. I recorded these experiences faithfully in an essay featured in Azazel: Steal Fire from the Gods, Compendium 3 of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers Saga with E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, Michael W. Ford, and more.

The True Story Of How I Received The Master Key In Life-Changing Gnosis With Shemyaza

One day after a bit of hiking in the forest, I arrived at a perfect location, secluded and free of onlookers—in fact, the same place I had attempted to perform a Demonic Gatekeeper ritual during the notorious solar eclipse in 2017.

I covered myself in my own blood from head to toe, and summoned the four Demonic Gatekeepers. Exactly as the sun turned black, I called forth and offered myself as a living sacrifice to Shemyaza. In retrospect, this single rite changed my life forever, as it opened me to a full, permanent possession.

Encountering Shemyaza, His Legions & The “Master Gods”

While in ritual, I experienced a lucid encounter with the demon. He gifted a magick seal to me and referred to it as the “Master Key.” This secret seal allows Shemyaza, his legions, and what I call the “Master Spirits” to connect with any magician whom possesses it; moreover, it allows humans to transfer energy between one another. I consider this seal the most valuable talisman I have ever received from any spirit ever—but it wasn’t until now that I fully recognized what it does. These “Master Spirits” or “Master Gods” are behind every spirit and living creature, like an original, archetypal mold that has cast every species into existence. Thus, when a sorcerer evokes and harnesses the magick power of these Master Spirits, they tap into a primal force that preexisted the demons themselves.

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