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Rite of Deification

This rite innovates the world of Magick because there is truly nothing else like it. It’s designed to awaken the godhood within and enhance the recipient on every level imaginable. Quite literally deifying them in the flesh.

Check this video out: JS Garrett explains The Rite of Deification & What it can do for you!

I specialize in many different areas, but the thing I am most passionate about is helping other magicians awaken their inner godhood. Helping them to reach a level of power and ascent they never dreamed possible.

Now I have never been a member of a secret magical order, and I did not learn my techniques from any so called Grand Master. I rely solely on a deep spiritual connection that allows me to commune with and learn directly from the spirits themselves. And what you are about to experience is by far the most powerful ritual they have ever shared with me. With that being said, it is my honor to bring to you what I call The Rite Of Deification!

Just some of the benefits of The Rite of Deification are:

• Increase in energy

• Less aches & pains

• You will look & feel younger

• Super charged libido

• Raises your vibration & expands your aura

• Adds rocket fuel to your magic

What Deification Means And The Ritual Entails

Have you ever wondered why historically Gods have demanded blood sacrifice from their followers? It’s because Gods are created and empowered through the act of worship. When a creature dies, it releases a shock wave of life force energy as it leaves the body. When a living creature is sacrificed to an entity, that entity absorbs that life force energy becoming stronger and more powerful with each sacrifice. We humans are nothing less than gods in the flesh. You are a spirit and you have a body. Thus, a sacrifice can be made to you in exactly the same manner.

I perform this ritual by evoking your spirit forth from your body into the triangle. I then make a blood sacrifice directly to your spirit. Allowing it to absorb the life force energy from the sacrifice and carry it back to your body. Literally deifying you as a living god in the flesh.

What You’ll Experience & The Benefits of this ritual:

As your spirit is evoked, your body may become disoriented. It is important that you are laying down and relaxed during this time. Most people fall asleep during the ritual, therefore I recommend that the recipient simply lie down and go to bed an hour before hand. As your spirit returns to your body, the amount of energy being absorbed can be slightly overwhelming at first. When you wake up you may feel floaty and disoriented. This sensation is brief (usually lasting only 30 minutes to an hour at most). At which point you will feel more alive than you have ever felt. You will notice an increase in energy. You will have less aches and pains. You will look and feel younger. Your sex drive will significantly increase. It raises your vibration and expands your aura. Others around you will notice that something is different about you, but they won’t be able to quite figure it out. You may notice a difference in the way strangers respond to you. They may feel drawn towards you and perceive you as being more attractive. It will enhance your psychic abilities, and when you perform ritual you will notice that you have a whole new well of energy to pull from. It also increases your ability to connect and communicate with the spirit world. It has been known to activate inherent abilities which are dormant within your DNA. Your body will continue to absorb the energy over a 3 day period, but you will continue to enjoy the benefits of the extra energy for up to 90 days. However, the Magical and psychic abilities are permanent. Once those doors are opened, they will remain open. This ritual has been referred to as Magical Steroids.

There is no limit to the number of times this rite can be performed for someone. The more it is performed, the more benefits the recipient will receive. I have performed this rite for my beautiful wife, Barbie Garrett, at least 3 dozen times over the last 3 years. She is healthier, 70lbs lighter, younger looking and has grown into one of the fiercests Sorceresses' I have ever met in that time.

Note: This ritual affects different people in different ways. People who suffer from physical aliments often see improvement in their condition, but seem not to notice the effects as much as a healthy person. As in, the energy tends to go where it needs to go.

1. Book your ritual with me

2. We discuss your needs at length in a 20-minute face-to-face Skype consultation.

3. I perform your ritual at the designated date and time.

4. I’ll provide you with video proof that I performed your magick. This way you can see exactly what I did on my end, and there will be no question as to whether or not you got what you paid for.

Because of the amount of time and energy that goes into each of my rites, there is limited availability. Book today for the earliest available spot.

Helpful video links:

Watch a live, censored version of the Deification rite:

J.S. Garrett performs The Deification Rite for E.A. Koetting

J.S. documents the beautiful sorceress, Scarlett Bale's Deification Journey with pre-ritual consultation, highlights from actual deification ritual, and a follow-up discussion of what she experienced before, during and after the ritual: Scarlett Bales' Deification Journey

If you still find yourself curious about what to expect, here is a link to many podcasts discussing the Rite of Deification, what to expect, and other practitioners experiences and reviews:

Rite of Deification YouTube Videos

Limited availability & No Refund Policy:

Because of the amount of time and energy that goes into each of my rites, there is limited availability. Book today for the earliest available spot.

Our rituals are not cookie cutter, easy magick rituals AND we are not Walmart or Amazon. These are huge events that take days to prepare for, hours to perform and days to recover from. That means that on top of being booked out 3+ weeks at any given point, we also have to work around any inclement weather. So we can't always predict properly when we will be able to perform the ritual.

The same things that set our rituals apart from anyone else's rites, is what can also take time. Patience is necessary when asking the spirits to make huge changes within your reality.

Do take note, that to the spirits all time is present and since you are hiring a sorcerer to do the work for you, you have made your commitment once you have placed the order, your ritual may start to manifest within your reality, even before the ritual is complete. It happens quite often.



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