The Garrett Technique Rituals for Hire

The Garrett Technique Rituals for Hire

JS has done it again ;):

JS Garrett is back at it again with a revolutionary type of ritual which will change the trajectory of how spells are cast from its release forward. This technique is a combination of primordial workings combined with modern technology projected to produce results in real time regardless of the distance between you and the target.

Currently JS has tested and proved the efficacy of “The Energizer'' by completing the ritual live with Connor Kendall. You can see this video here, During this video, you can physically see the energy emanating through Connor as JS completes each step of the ritual while watching the video replay.

You have the Deification, why recrate another energy/healing/vitality ritual?

One of the biggest challenges faced by occultists of all skill levels is the time it takes for results to manifest once the ritual is complete. The Garrett Technique seeks to eliminate the time-space continuum. If you are familiar with the deification rite then The Garrett Technique is sure to be one in which you want to participate and possibly undertake on our own.

Imagine completing a ritual and seeing results almost instantaneously. As an occultist it is understood that some workings take time to manifest into this realm but what if JS Garrett has found a way to manipulate the Matrix to yield results in real time? With the incorporation of elementals, sigils, The Demonic Divine, and electricity, energy is transmuted through a portal directly to your target of choice.

JS is currently developing more rituals utilizing this technique, however his first trial with this new technique is “The Energizer'' which is similar to the Deification Rite, created to bring energy, power, and vitality to the target. However this new methodology isn’t limited in it’s abilities. JS’ plan is to expand this technique into a new system of effective magick that will work based on the intention set by the practitioner.

Some of the implements used:

The Dizon:

This is a regularly used symbol/sigil in energy work. It is used to open portals and allow energy to flow freely through. In this ritual, the dizon is drawn on the picture of the target/client. JS then activates this dizon to open a direct portal within the person and then performs the ritual to push the intent, power and energy into that person directly.

Slut Water:

This magickal elixir has so many vital energy components that it is a magickal battery in and of itself. A 22oz bottle is poured within the metal pan and the entire amount is utilized in this ritual.


9 Volt Batteries:

These are wired into the metal pan that the ritual is essentially performed within. Charging the slut water and other magickal implements with electricity and super charging all of these alchemies to then flow into the target/person through the dizon.

A Sacrifice:

This is usually a quail that we have raised and nurtured...making it a true sacrifice for us. The client receives all of the life force energy and the spiritual currency (blood) directly within themselves giving them energy and vitality (as well as promote healing if necessary).

Just some of the benefits of The Energizer are:

• Increase in energy

• Less aches & pains

• You will look & feel younger

• Super charged libido

• Raises your vibration & expands your aura

• Healing of minor aliments

• Adds rocket fuel to your magic

Note: Much like the Deification, this ritual affects different people in different ways. People who suffer from physical ailments often see improvement in their condition, but seem not to notice the effects as much as a healthy person. As in, the energy tends to go where it needs to go.

What to expect:

1. Book your ritual with me

2. We discuss your needs at length in a 20-minute face-to-face Skype consultation.

3. I perform your ritual at the designated date and time.

4. I’ll provide you with picture proof that I performed your magick. This way you can see exactly what I did on my end, and there will be no question as to whether or not you got what you paid for.

Limited availability & No Refund Policy:

Because of the amount of time and energy that goes into each of my rites, there is limited availability. Book today for the earliest available spot.

Our rituals are not cookie cutter, easy candle magick rituals and we are not Walmart or Amazon.


The same things that set our rituals apart from anyone else's rites, is what can also take time. Patience is necessary when asking the spirits to make huge changes within your reality.

Do take note, that to the spirits all time is present and since you are hiring a sorcerer to do the work for you, you have made your commitment once you have placed the order, your ritual may start to manifest within your reality, even before the ritual is complete. It happens quite often.

**We are not doctors nor claim to have any medical knowledge. We do not recommend Magick over medical science...we recommend both healing your physical and your spiritual being. If you have an aliment, please see a doctor**



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