The Genisis

The Genesis:

Hijack your own reality, become your own god and create changes in your world that you never knew was possible!! Bend your reality to your will by turning a few dials!! It’ really is that simple!

Introducing the new and most powerful box in our catalog currently. Dr. Mulder has said that this is the most powerful box he has ever designed, and it is exclusively through JSGarrett.com.

With control over both material and spiritual world, Shiva stands for spiritual power. This machine is built to aid your command of your future, your fortune and manifesting your dreams.

Shiva is described as the liberator of the deluded, bestower of good fortune, full of compassion, love and grace, the master of all sounds and arts. We are all Creators, and the purpose of this life is to create happiness, good fortune and a deep and abiding connection with Infinite Intelligence.

The Shiva box, The Mothership Machine, was created by Dr. Mulder close to a decade ago. However, this is not the original Shiva!! Dr. Mulder has evolved this machine into what we are calling The Genesis. It is the beginning of creation within your reality from the day you start using it. And this is the only place you will find it!!

The Genesis has been upgraded by making the crystals larger, and by each crystal being ritually and radionically charged individually and specifically for each client. This takes a lot of extra time and attention, so please note that each box is created when the order is placed, by hand, and it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for the box to ship.

The Genesis is the beginning of taking the birthing your own existence - the one you have in your mind's eye - upon this plane. The creator of infinite futures, and you are the wielder of its power...wield away Great Gods or Goddesses!!

What is Radionics:

A radionics box is a device that can be used, over and over, to help your desires manifest in an almost magical way.

We know thoughts have physical impact, ask anyone that believes in "The Secret", affirmations or magick. This box allows you to tune your thoughts specifically to achieve change in your physical reality and with a lot less time and energy expended than in a magickal ritual setting and with an extensive amount of increased power behind it than simply projecting your wishes into the ether. Add radionics to a magickal ritual ceremony, and by having the machine plugged in, turned on and tuned into that ritual, that energy radiates your intent for as long as it is plugged in - as if you were able to hold the theta state the entire time. Projecting your intent and desires to create real, physical change on this plane, at a distance.

Whether you want to dramatically improve your finances, health, or relationships, radionics is for you. Radionics has been used in these ways for over a century. By setting your goal, and tuning your mind-body-environment relationship with the 16-knobs, stunning things can manifest. Virtually whatever you choose! Therefore, it must be used wisely. You will quickly see why many consider this advanced “magic” or “techno-shamanism.”

Wield the power of a true God and have the power of a wish machine to grant nearly anything you want. Just like a Genie! But this Genie gives endless wishes.

All of our radionics boxes and equipment are built by the famous Dr. Mulder, who has built over 6,000 machines in his career and is widely known within the community as one of the best engineers in the field.

Radionics has been studied for over a century, so there is a lot of useful information out on the subject. However, there are some really great resources I’d like to point out for your use:

Charles Cosimano:

The nefarious Uncle Chucky is the father of psionic warfare. Without the work that he has done for the last 5 decades, none of us would know what radionics is or that you could use it as a magickal tool. He wrote the book, Psionic Warfare that is available here: http://www.charlescosimano.com/uploads/2/7/5/1/2751618/psionicwarfare.pdf

He also has been teaching via videos for years. His YouTube teachings are pure gold and available here:


Exploring Radionics:

We have also recorded an entire series dedicated to Exploring Radionics, in which we add new videos all the time. Instructions for how to work each machine, the inspiration for different rituals, and lengthy discussions from Uncle Chucky, Dr. Mulder, JS Garrett, EA Koetting and others developing the field of modern day radionics can be found here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGDHbZs9-QCtSDUe327sWlO0RwGp0wYWT.

From the Desk of Dr. Mulder:

For over a decade I have put radionic machines into the hands of thousands of people all over planet Earth. It has been my mission to help people create their own reality via the mysterious power of radionics.

It is my honor to serve humanity with what some might dub ‘technological magic’. We are living in unprecedented times where as never before in recorded history the masses are awakening to the controls that have been put in place to literally enslave us.

As you make your way to becoming sovereign, powerful and free, this equipment is here to aid you. I want you to embark on an unlimited life as the creative vessel that God made you to be.

Every hand crafted unit sold on this website is imbued with my intention for your true and permanent emancipation from anything that binds you, traps your energy or keeps you living small.

Whether or not you choose to invest in this technology, my wish for you is still the same: that you realize true happiness, joy and the deep satisfaction of manifesting your most empowered life.

Terms and Conditions:

Each machine is a reflection of its operator. Success stories are anecdotal and by no means a guarantee that you will achieve the same results

Please note: radionic machines are custom made by hand to order

Buy at your own risk, all sales are final.

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