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The War Machine

Exclusively available through the Garretts.  

The War Machine is a radionics box created by Dr. Mulder that incorporates radionics, electricity and thought forms as well as magick by using the sorcerers intent. This box comes with an additional copper plate that plugs into the machine in order to keep the box from being contaminated with magickal tools such as candle wax, blood and oils. Easy to clean.  

We have been able to keep the costs low compared to other radionics boxes currently on the market, because Dr. Mulder keeps the focus on the functionality of the box and not ascetics. Dr. Mulder has built over 6,000 radionics boxes in his career and JS believes this box works better than the $2500 box he purchased from a competitor a few years ago. That is why we are partnering with Dr. Mulder to bring our customers this magickal and scientific tool to manipulate and control your own reality - giving each sorcerer the ease of manipulating the matrix and bring health, wealth and happiness to themselves and their loved ones.  

This box comes with a universal plug to be able to attach electricity in any part of the world!

Check out this video of Dr. Mulder and JS unboxing and discussing The War Machine for the first time: 

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