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The Wish Box 2.0

The Wish Box 2.0 is the next level of Wish Boxes and exlusively available through the Garretts. Features internal upgrades to generate more power and intensity. This box has also been ritualized by spending extra time and attention on the crystals and copper.
Performing ritual and pushing intent into each and every crystal within. Supercharging this box before you even receive it or apply electricity.

The radionics box is a device that can be used, over and over, to help your desires manifest in an almost magical way.

We know thoughts have physical impact, ask anyone that believes in "The Secret", affirmations or magick. This box allows you to tune your thoughts specifically to achieve change in your physical reality and with a lot less time and energy expelled than in a magickal ritual setting. However, add radionics to a ritual magick ceremony and have that energy radiating for days - as if you were staying in the theta state for days at a time, projecting your intent and desires to create real, physical change on this plane.

Whether you want to dramatically improve your finances, health, or relationships, radionics can help manifest these things. Radionics has been used in these ways for over a century. By setting your goal, and tuning your mind-body-environment relationship with the 9-knobs, stunning things can manifest–virtually whatever you choose. Therefore, it must be used wisely. You will quickly see why many consider this advanced “magic” or “techno-shamanism.” 

Wield the power of a true God and have the power of a wish machine to grant nearly anything you want. Just like a Genie! But this Genie gives endless wishes.

All of our radionics boxes and equipment are built by the famous Dr. Mulder, whom has built over 6,000 machines in his career and is widely known within the community as one of the best engineers in the field.

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