Reverse Baptism Course

Reverse Baptism Course


The video course:

This video course is almost 2.5 hours in length and will come with step-by-step instructions, all implements you will need, where to find them and all incantations to speak. It has the entire full length live ritual that was performed on my behalf by J.S. Garrett, including my act of blasphemy. As well as the pre-set up and post ritual discussions. This is everything you will need in order to claim your own soul as your own and to dedicate it to the path of the Adversary. If you want to perform this ritual for yourself/loved ones or you simply want to better understand the mechanics of the ritual better.

Barbie's Reverse Baptism:

J.S. and I’s contribution to the Compendium of Satan (available at, “The Satan”, which is about our journey in creating, performing and undergoing The Reverse Baptism & Satan Initiation Rite together. This ritual was created out of absolute necessity for me to find freedom of my spiritual bondages that were inflicted upon me from my Christian upbringing, our dogma society and a baptism that was done without my educated consent at the age of 8.

Although I was already in touch with many of my supernatural gifts, I was in constant contact with amazing deities and I was obtaining huge magickal results, I was still being held back from true ascension by fear. I noticed J.S. was obtaining the big leaps of freedom from working with deities such as Belial, and Satan. Yet, for the reason still unknown to me at the time, I couldn’t even be in the room when these energies descended. The anxiety that would ensue within me was a full on panic attack that would consume me and the only way to obtain relief was with distance. So each time I would try to be present for these entities to be evoked, I would end up running to another room of the house.

So my darling husband decided to perform a Reverse Baptism and Satan Initiation Rite on my behalf. This was done with the intent to free me from anything, physical or spiritual, that would try to oppress, constrain or control me in any way. And now, 3 years later, I have to say it was the beginning of my true ascent to Godhood and the best decision I ever made.

Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”. I read the passage over and over and realized he had been telling me to be true to myself all along.”

This ritual began with me desecrating my childhood bible. This bible was immensely important to me, as my grandfather had gifted this to me as a child and he had recently passed. Just the thought of destroying this gift made my heart hurt. The front cover read: “May this book heal, protect and guide you no matter where the world takes you! Love, Grandpa”. I didn’t think this made desecrating it any easier and I started to cry. I then flipped to a page that had a 2 dollar bill as a bookmark and there was the passage he had highlighted for me; Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”. I read the passage over and over and realized he had been telling me to be true to myself all along. However, when the time came during the ceremony to actually destroy this gift, one my grandfather gifted with nothing but thoughts of love and protection, it was amazingly hard. I shook and I cried and I just wanted to run from the entire thing. But I knew if I did, there would only be more anxiety, fear and confusion. So I saw it through and declared my soul for myself!! Speaking my declaration of intent before nailing my bible shut with death’s nail:

“I renounce the Christian God and I reclaim my soul.

I shed all fears and all of my anxieties.

All of my sadness's or any other boundary that might limit me and the Dragon within me.

I declare war upon any person or entity that may try to control, constrain, or bind me in any way.

I reclaimed my freedom and declared my Godhood tonight.

I choose to burn my path with Satan.

I will do as I will - with no guilt or reservations & I will make no apologies and have no regrets!

Iamme! Meiam!”

I climbed upon a massage table set up with the Universal Circle upon it and I could see the demons I had been so scared of awaiting to claim me as one of them. No...not “had been”, I most certainly was still scared at this time. It was all I could do to force myself upon this table knowing that Belial and Satan were going to be in the same room. And this scared me to death!

As J.S. called them into the room and I was covered from head to toe in adversarial blood, I began to cry. I have never cried due to fear in my entire life, yet here I was crying like a baby because of this energy force I had never even felt myself. I didn’t know what was about to happen. Were all of the fears that the Christians brainwashed me with going to come true? It had been too late to turn back for years at this point, so I stayed laying upon the table with every cell in my body having to be forced to not get up and run away screaming.

J.S. asked Satan to inhabit me and set fire to my mind, body and soul in order to burn away any chains or bondages that remained and to liberate me fully. I remember getting hot, as if I was literally on fire from the inside out. It was intense but somehow comforting. My immense feeling of fear turned to laughter as Satan said “And you were scared of me?!?”. Then his hands swept my tears and caressed my face. He kissed my forehead and told me that there was nothing to fear. I was now free!! Truly free!! And he knew how important this was to me. He vowed that he would be my shield to protect me and my sword to destroy those that would try to control me in any way. He then said “I give you the freedom to decide your destiny, and truly be who you are without any manipulation or directive from anyone or anything else”. I replied in a whispered “Iamme Meiam”!!! And he smiled. My tears turned to joy.

I became “The Satan” that day and my life has been nothing but better for it. My magick is profound. The gnosis flows super easy now. I can be possessed at a whim and even evoke and invoke spirits of people with ease. And my additional path workings have been anxiety free, which leads to immeasurable personal growth in a super short amount of time.

Even if you haven't been baptized, you need a Reverse Baptism!!

I truly believe everyone interested in the LHP in any capacity should undergo a Reverse Baptism in order to unplug from the frequency that even our society places upon us with their brainwashing. Every movie has good = light and bad = darkness. Satan is always the bad guy. God is always the good guy, except Supernatural, but you get my point. If you work with demons, only bad will happen to you. Our dogma society structure manipulates and controls us by subtly brainwashing us. It is beaten into us from all directions, even if you have never been baptized. A simple declaration of your path is necessary and my brilliant husband has once again constructed something that will change many realities and lead to more personal freedom and power! We give step by step instructions to these rituals that were performed on my behalf in our contribution to the Satan Compendium called “The Satan”.

You will receive:

  • Full instructional video including set up instructions, magickal tool list and full ritual example performance
  • Full instruction video of the Act of Blasphemy
  • Full Color E-book in pdf form


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