Aphrodite's Healing Oil  | 0.5oz dropper bottle

Aphrodite's Healing Oil | 0.5oz dropper bottle


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Hi Friend,

I channeled the recipe on my pathworking with Aphrodite. I approached her one night in 2019 before a mirror. I came to her looking for a solution to help one of my friends to heal and in turn she gave me her knowledge of her oil. She gave me a vision of the ingredients, the multi ritual process, and her other aspects who would aid in the creation of this oil. At first, I was given only the aspects; Hathor, Sekhmet, Freyja, Isis, and herself, Aphrodite. Later in 2020, I discovered Mother Ayahuasca is another aspect of hers and included her essence into the oil as well. Thus making my healing oil very potent in rituals and other workings of healing ailments as well as trauma of all kinds.

This oil holds the essence of 6 powerful warrior goddesses. All of these goddesses work in healing and are not to be taken lightly. Each of these goddesses’ specialties are within each and every drop of oil. There is no blood sacrifice performed over this oil nor it’s ingredients. As such the power comes directly from the ingredients, Aphrodite’s aspects, and my own power. I perform this ritual 3 times with the energies from the different moon phases. All ingredients are activated so the oil has full potentancy. Each and every batch is made with love from all the goddesses and I. This oil can be used for all types of healing.

I have tested this oil time and time again. Most of the time, the results happen almost instantaneously. JS and Barbie have also reached this conclusion. JS uses the oil for his new technique, the energizing ritual. However this no guarantee that you’ll get results as quickly. I have used this oil as offerings to the gods I work with and they absolutely love it. I do recommend giving some oil as an offering and burning it on a candle for your own spirit.

Be Well,

Astra Magicks (Nex Levieon)

J.S. & Barbie interview Nex about how they created this magickal elixir.

You can watch it here: www.youtube.com/c/JSGarrett

There are endless applications for this oil.

  • Simply rub this oil upon any ailment to reduce the spiritual or physical affliction
  • Use it to promote healing by placing it upon a radionics box
  • Place it upon your healing wish that is placed within a Barashukushu Wish Box
  • Or as Nex states above, use it as an offering in a ritual
  • Great to mend romantic and other relationships
  • Promotes healing of emotional trauma 

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**Disclaimer** Do not ingest. This product is not to be used to replace seeking medical assistance.


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