Barashukushu's Consecrated Wish Box

Barashukushu's Consecrated Wish Box



This entity can be found in the Simon Necronomicon.  

Within this book it reads:

"The Fourth Name is BARASHAKUSHU.

Worker of Miracles. The kindest of the Fifty, and the most beneficent.

The Word used at his Calling is BAALDURU.

Can be used in hopeless cases, when it seems that the whole world is against you or a loved one. When despair reaches its lowest depth, and a coldness constricts your soul, call forcefully upon BARASHAKUSHU will all your might and hope and your prayer will be answered in ways you cannot imagine."

As the worker of miracles, as well as him being kind, is why we decided to work with Barashukushu in order to create these Wish Boxes.

How to use this Wish Box:

Simply take your wish/intent/desire and write it upon a piece of paper and place it within the box. Leave it upon a dresser, desk, altar and forget your wish. Let it go, as if it has already occured. That is all that is required.

Of course if you wish to generate more power, you can summon Barashukushu and make him a blood offering of your own as well as blood the wish before placing it within the box, however, those things are not required for the wish box and Barshukushu to faciliate bringing your wish within reality!

Why this works:

J.S. and Barbie have performed a consecration ritual summoning Barashukushu and asking him to enchant these boxes with his power of creating miracles, so that the magicians that weild them as magickal tools can make their desires become their reality. They then offered a sacrifice of burning flesh and blood unto Barashukushu in exchange for this power. The blood was also poured upon the coins that were then placed within the small pyramids of power that are glued on top of the boxes. This has sealed the power of the consecration within the object, never to wear off over use or time.

J.S. and Barbie have proven these boxes to work over and over again. Including things such as weight loss, healing, money manifestation, bringing people back into their lives, healing past relationships, love, making an enemy change their opinion and eliminating debt. The possibilities are endless!

The physical product:

  • ⭐ SPECIFICATION: Material:Walnut Wood ; Outside Dimension: 3.15"x2"x0.98" (8x5.1x2.5cm) ; Inside Dimension: 2.75"x1.61"x0.71" ( 7x4.1x1.8cm ) ( More intuitionistic in the picture )
  • ⭐ SLIDING-LID: This wood box is with sliding top, very special design and with which you can have easy access inside.
  • ⭐ PERFECT FOR PAINTING / ENGRAVING: This wood box is perfect for painting or engraving. Make it your own, individual and customize it as you see fit.
  • The pyramid is made of high quality resin and measures 1"x1"x1". It has 24k gold flakes that are great for generating energy and a consecrated coin that is embedded within the resin. Black and Gold in color.

What to expect:

  1. Place your order
  2. We will email , Consecration video, Pictures and clips of the pyramids being created, & tracking info within 72 hours.
  3. Your box will be shipped via Priority mail within the USA & World-wide - Shipping is FREE!!

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