Suicide Scorpion Course

Suicide Scorpion Course


A trailer to this video is available for watching here:

As part of our baneful course series, JS teaches you how to implement transferring the fear and panic that a scorpion feels when it is trapped, surrounded by fire and amplified by a 10x mirror to see a bigger scorpion has him cornered into your enemy.

Did you know that a scorpion will commit suicide if they feel scared and trapped? We didn’t either until this ritual was gifted to us by Shemyaza through our Shamanic pathworking.

In this video course JS shows each and every tool and implement that will be needed. He walks you through step by step, the set up and how to complete the ritual from start to clean up. We filmed all 7 hours (sped up during the boring parts, of course ;)).

Learn how to harness the primal powers of the shamanic path by working with one animal at a time. This is the Scorpion!!!

Comes with a full ebook of all incantations, step by step instructions and implement list.


This ritual is not for the faint of heart and you should only perform this on someone that you would physically hurt if we were able to legally do that in our society.

Once you purchase the course, my team will send you the video link.

Filmed in HD, with good lighting.

You will receive:

  • Full instructional video including set up instructions, magickal tool list and full ritual example performance
  • Full Color E-book in pdf form 

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