3-Pillar Rite

3-Pillar Rite


The 3 pillars rite is the proverbial big gun when it comes to ritual magick.

Throughout my career performing professional ritual magick, I have come across situations that were too far gone and so severe that the typical ritual magick remedies simply couldn’t get the job done. It was in the midst of one of these hopeless situations that I developed the ritual that I call the 3 pillars rite.

A few years back, I found myself in the midst of one of these hopeless situations, in dealing with a client who was enduring extreme suffering. This client told me, when I first spoke with her, that she had previously worked with over 2 dozen professional magicians and spent tens of thousands of dollars attempting to improve her life with no success. She had tried just about everything at this point. As the mad scientist, I did not allow that to discourage me from attempting to help her. I quickly discovered that there was no exaggeration for her in how bad the situation was and her life was in complete shambles. I found that the rituals that I performed in the past that had worked for others were ineffective when it came to her situation. I threw everything I had at fixing her reality with little to no success. Sitting there at a total loss, and feeling defeated, I called out to any spirit that would listen and willing to help. To please give me some insight and instruction on how I could help this person. A moment later, I felt my defeat and despair turn into a white hot rage. An emotional outburst that literally brought me to tears and I felt the presence of Satan descend upon me. I then went into a trance-like state and received the gnosis of how to perform the rite I call the 3 pillar rite!!

The mechanics of this rite are simple enough in how it is performed. However, it is a herculean effort, with a great deal of time, labor and blood. It consists of making a large triangle within a larger circle and building a decent size fire within the center, then place 3 oak pillars at the tips of the triangle. Each pillar represents an entity that shall be called forth during the ritual. After the preliminary rituals have been completed, I then move in a counter clockwise direction and proceed to summon 3 of the most powerful entities in existence that specialize in solving the situation at hand. I then offer my own blood upon each sigil, in order to feed each entity. Each spirit is individually petitioned to lend their expertise on the clients behalf. After each spirit has been summoned and petitioned, I collect all of the energies within the center of triangle and place the sigils surrounding the clients fetish link, and offer a rooster as a sacrifice of burning flesh and blood feeding empowering each entity to create these changes as well as spilling a large amount of the blood upon the clients fetish link in order to bind the energies. Each of the bloody sigils are then placed within the fire, as well as the clients fetish link, in order to transmute the energy. Lastly the body of the sacrifice is placed upon the pire, to complete the offering of burning flesh and blood. There is much more that goes into this particular rite, but this is an overview explanation of the meat and potatoes of it.

The client that I spoke of before has since had their life restored and attributes that miracle to this ritual. After achieving this successfully using this technique, I began to tweak and custom tailor this ritual for several other individuals depending on their specific needs, such as for protection (including generational protection), healing of illnesses, breaking curses (including generational curses), achieve financial freedom, restoring lives completely in shambles. When all else has failed, this is the ritual that I turn to in order to make miracles happen! When I am facing an impossible task or an immovable obstacle, I go straight for the big gun that is the 3 pillars rite.

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