Enhanced Rite of Deification

Enhanced Rite of Deification

This rite inovates the mechanics of the Rite of Deification , in which the client is summoned forth from his/her body and then is deifide as a God in flesh with a 2nd sacrifice to the spirit of the clients choosing.  

This double sacrificial rite can be performed in many different ways for many different operations, including:

  • Healing - with Raphael
  • Succubus/incubus strengthening of the spirit relationship
  • Stregthen the spirit relationship with your patreon spirit or familiars
  • Any other spirit of your choosing for just about any reason you can think of

The most common reason we are requested to perform this double sacrificial rite is for healing. For the healing rite, J.S. evokes The Spiritual Surgeon and Archeangle Raphael within the Deification circle, where he offers his own blood upon his sigil and the fetish link of the client. He then makes a sacrifice of burning flesh and blood unto Raphael asking him to faciliate the changes needed in order to heal the recipient. Once Raphael has absorbed all of the sacrifice, J.S. then evokes the recipient to stand beside Raphael within the flames, while he makes another sacrifice directly to the recipient with the expressed direction for that life force energy to be utilized to heal the afflicted aliment.  

We have had great succes with this ritual, however, we are not doctors and need to express that we do not give medical advice. We simply offer an extra form of fighting the ailment to go along side modern medicine.  

Helpful videos:

J.S. Garrett introduces the Enhanced Rite of Deification 

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