Court of Belial

Court of Belial


Are you in legal trouble?


Is your life being torn apart by a corrupt legal system with no remorse? Does your fate rest in the hands of 12 strangers that know nothing about you? Well I have been in your shoes my friend. In 2012 I was facing serious time for a crime I did not commit. And after 4 years of fighting the corrupt system I had lost everything I owned. I was doomed, with no money left to feed the hungry attorneys I had lost all hope.


In a final act of sheer desperation, I called forth the Lawless one, Belial, and asked him to please help me and my family!! In less than 24 hours, I received a phone call from my lawyer telling me that the charges against me were being dropped. Belial literally saved my life and freed me from chains.


Are you fighting for your children’s well being in court?


Or maybe you have an abusive ex and the fate of where your children will spend their childhood is being determined by a judge that really doesn’t care about more than who has the most amount of money. We have been there too and until we found this connection with Belial, all hope was lost. We now have our children back in our lives and they are thriving! We are proud parents of amazingly rounded, sensitive and productive humans that without Belial's help, who knows what tragedy and trauma they would have to overcome in their adult years.


Are you fighting for justice that doesn’t seem like it will be dealt?


Or maybe you or one of your loved ones have been fighting for justice to prevail and yet the system is failing them. We have helped many families whose children have been molested or women that have been raped, and yet the perpetrator looked like they were going to walk, leaving no justice to be had and these predators to only be back out on the streets to harm more innocent victims again and again.


Belial is your best ally in any court situation!


So for those of you who are suffering with legal trouble (civil or criminal) I can tell you from my own personal experience that there is no better ally you can have than Belial. For this Rite I will evoke The Lawless One himself,and petition him to influence the outcome in your favor. I will then offer him a blood sacrifice on your behalf. Generating maximum power! Ensuring you the best possible outcome to your unique situation.


What to expect from me:

After booking this ritual with me I will contact you personally to schedule a 20-minute consultation where we will discuss your specific needs. I will then perform your ritual live on camera and send you the video. So you can see exactly what you paid me for. I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.


Note: This ritual is not a substitute for legal representation. I also reserve the right to deny any requests depending upon circumstances.

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