The Spider Goddess | Primal Shamanic War Ring

The Spider Goddess | Primal Shamanic War Ring


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The Spider Goddess:

The Master Spirit of the Spider is whom we call The Spider Goddess. This is her primal, shamanic aspect. This entity is fierce and protective of its home. Camouflaged and hidden, waiting to devour its prey that comes within its web. This is the mightiest of protection properties - patience. Patience is extremely important in defense of self.


Through much experimentation, we have developed a sigil that we have gifted to you above, as well as a command word that is called out when an attack is needed and I bestow this gift of patience, camouflaged, and fierce protection upon the wearer of this ring.


By simply stating the command word (which will be sent with your ring), the speaker can wield this power upon their enemy. Striking fear and pure terror at their target. With her bite the spider goddess will infect her victim with the most horrific panic and anxiety. The victim won’t be able to help but to want to run away from you. They will be confused, frantic and frightened.


How to use the ring:

  • Hold the ring up out in the direction of your target and state the command word. - It is that simple!
  • You can also use this as an additional power source in any baneful ritual to bring her energy within
  • Great power source for her energy to use within any baneful radionics working
  • Great for protection and baneful workings 


JS & Barbie have consecrated the sigils before fusing them to the rings. This was done with sacrificial blood as an offering to the spirit in exchange for bestowing her powers upon the wearer of the ring.


The ring:

The spider's abdomen is in the shape of a subtle heart. There are lovely purple colored rhinestones that are embedded on the legs. This ring is the perfect blend of cute and creepy. Adjustable with high quality elastic. May contain Nickel and other metals


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