30 minute Consultation with Black Magick Barbie

30 minute Consultation with Black Magick Barbie

  • Need help with empowering yourself to overcome adversities?
  • Questions about reclaiming your sexual identity or personal power?  
  • Are you having trouble becoming the most perfect version of yourself?

I can give advice on performing sex magick that will awaken your inner slut (sexually confident beast). As well as how to take control of your reality in order to dominate the external forces. Raising of the kundalini chakra is the most powerful of all magickal gifts, and an art form that I have completely perfected to manifest the most potent changes in my reality, through trial and error. Learn from my failures, don't make the same mistakes I did, and allow me to awaken the Sexual God or Goddess within you by unlocking your inner slut! 

Working with J.S. on such an intimate basis, I also have a wealth of knowledge as a Mad Scientist in my own right, that I can help in many other areas as well manifesting Love, Wealth and Happiness within your reality, as we have in ours.  

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We are overwhelmed with the number of contact requests we receive daily. We can not possibly respond to them all. In order to still provide free magickal advice we are asking the following:

If you have a general question, please submit below and we will answer them during our Live Streams that we do on Friday nights 9:30pm EST at www.YouTube.com/c/JSGarrett. Make sure to subscribe so you are notified when we go live.

If you have a personal question or need help with your magickal practice, skill or technique, please book a consultation above.  

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