Deification Mastery Course

Deification Mastery Course


Learn To Perform The Highest-Powered Ritual And Reach The Pinnacle Of Ascent With My All-New Deification Mastery Course!

Check out this video: JS & JD Temple discuss the Mastery Course gifted by Shemyaza

I long believed that my Rite of Deification needed to remain a strict secret. In other words, I would perform it to ignite ascent in other magicians at their request, but NEVER share the exact formula behind my “secret sauce” as they say.

To be completely honest… when I finally listened to your overwhelming demand, it provided an entirely new perspective to me. It became clear that it would help you MORE long term if you learned to perform the Rite of Deification by yourself too, instead of always needing me to perform it.

Therefore, as of right now, I am offering my Rite of Deification couse for only $199. Learn multiple versions of deifying others, as well as Self-Deification.

The Mastery course features over two hours of user-friendly, step-by-step, do-it-yourself demonstrations where I perform my Rite of Deification from top to bottom with live commentary, priceless suggestions, and experiential insights. In as little as a few hours, you truly can become a MASTER at the Magick of Deification.

It has taken over a decade of trial and error in my “demonic laboratory” to figure out the esoteric formula behind my Rite, and many other sorcerers have tried to rip it off and invent their lesser versions of it… but not one has even come close to matching it. 

Once you purchase the course, my team will send you the video link.

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