The Satan Coin

The Satan Coin


The Satan Coin Talisman:

Introducing The Satan Coin! “The Satan" is a new race who wields the power of the gods by harnessing their own personal magick and stepping into whom they were destined to be before society or the slave-gods sank their claws into them as babies and young children. This race will not be controlled or constrained by anything, anyone, or any God!

These were created by the beautiful and talented Elena Lemmy, where she pressed Satan’s Sigil upon them and then encased them within high quality resin to allow them to stand the test of time. Of course, this is a sigil that is also used for Lucifer, yet he is an entity that is part of the current that is the adversary - The Satan! And JS and Barbie have used this sigil with huge success to call forth Satan and to break the spiritual chains that otherwise would oppress and constrain them.


These coins were consecrated in the 9 hour Mass Reverse Baptism that included over 40 animal sacrifices and they have been anointed with the blood of the Adversary - Belial's blood (which is another entity of the Adversarial current that is The Satan). In this Mass Reverse Baptism, Satan was called forth to burn the chains that bound the over 100 participants. These coins hold all the power raised within this ritual and the liberation power from within it.

Just some of the uses could be:

  • A power source for your magickal workings
  • A power source to help in liberating your soul from spiritual bondage
  • Protection
  • Perform your own Reverse Baptism and use the coin to tie into the power that was raised within the Mass Reverse Baptism that we performed on Feb. 20, 2021
  • An instant portal to the current of The Satan

Consecration Video:

You will receive the videoed consecration ritual with this purchase. So that you can see exactly what we did to forge the energies within this coin.

These are extremely limited quantities. First come, first served.

Free Priority USPS shipping worldwide! If you would like Priority Express International, we just ask that you pay the difference. Please note this in the comments of your order and Barbie will reach out to you to set it up.

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