The Ultimate Love Rite

The Ultimate Love Rite


This ritual combines powerful Spirit Evocation, Sympathetic, Candle, Blood, and Sex Magic, for the most potent love spell I have ever created.

Check out this video: JS Explains the Ultimate Love Spell, how it is performed and why it works! 

Here is another great video: EA Koetting asks provoking questions about this love rite and why it is different than others on the market. 

Channeled to me directly from the Goddess of Love and War herself, Astarte!!


Harness the Goddess of Love’s energy in order to:

  • Create self-love
  • Heal past traumas
  • Rejuvenate a doomed marriage/relationship
  • Help heal past transgressions
  • Heal damaged relationships in order to create better relationships (ex. Create better co-parenting relationship)
  • Manifest the perfect lover
  • Manufacture feelings of love and desire within a person who previously despised you (ex. Use it against your enemy)
  • And so much more....the possibilities are endless....


What sets this Love Spell apart from all the others?


Now there are literally hundreds of love spells out there for you to choose from. So you’re probably wondering what sets this spell apart from all the others? First of all it is uniquely powerful in comparison to other spells because It harnesses the power of blood sacrifice. Giving it a hundred times the energy of your typical spell working. It is also extremely versatile in that I am able to customize this spell to fit your specific needs. I can even cast the spell on you yourself. Causing you to love and adore yourself, as well as forgive yourself for the things that have brought you shame. This is something that is highly overlooked in the area of love magic. However, across the board loving oneself is a very common trait found in highly successful people. The other thing that sets this above the rest is spirit evocation. I summon the Goddess Of Love herself. And petition her to ensure the success of this operation. Injecting you and your life with her magnificent power and essence. Removing the obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness. And Invigorating you with love and passion.


After booking your ritual with me I will contact you personally to schedule a time for a 20 minute face-to-face Skype consultation, where we will discuss your specific needs and desires. This way I can get a feel for your unique situation and customize the spell for you personally.


I reserve the right to deny requests depending on circumstances. For example I will not help you tear apart a happy family or seduce your favorite celebrity. This spell is for people who are genuinely looking for love and fulfillment.


Once your spell is cast it will begin to take effect immediately. I will then mail your love spell bottle to you, complete with written instructions explaining exactly what to do with it.


What to expect from me:


1. Book your ritual with me

2. We discuss your needs at length in a 20-minute face-to-face Skype consultation.

3. I perform your ritual at the designated date and time.

4. I’ll provide you with picture proof that I performed your magick. This way you can see exactly what I did on my end, and there will be no question as to whether or not you got what you paid for.

5. I ship your Love Bomb Talisman to you with instructions for you to complete on your end.

6. You then have full control over the spell. If you decide it is no longer a good option for you, simply follow the destruction instructions that will be sent with the Talisman and the spell will be broken. You are in full control!!


Because of the amount of time and energy that goes into each of my rites, there is limited availability. Book today for the earliest available spot.

Helpful video links:

J.S. Garrett & E.A. Koetting discuss Mind Control: utilizing the Goddess Ishtar

J.S. Garrett & J.D. Temple discuss the Ultimate Love Slave spell 

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