The Goatee | Shemyaza? | Spirit Mask

The Goatee | Shemyaza? | Spirit Mask



The ancient symbolism of the mask used in divine rituals from the preparation of tribal warfare to the unification of marriage vows, refers to the spirit we present in the face of super-real events. Moreover, a majority of archaic religions, believed that supernatural forces entered into, and resided inside, the head and face of human beings. Which makes for easy possession through such an object.  

A mask is an ancient and powerful magical mediator among the worlds of the living, the dead, and the spirits. Masks have been worn for magical, religious, and entertainment purposes since the beginning of recorded history. Masks actually reveal more than they conceal.

Ancient peoples understood well the power of the mask. Evidence of mask-wearing in prehistoric societies shows that masks may have been intended to transform the wearer magically to achieve or acquire something. Perhaps the first prehistoric masked dancer is the “Sorcerer,” a Neolithic-Age cave painting at Trois Freres in France. The masked figure is half-human and half-animal, wearing stag antlers and poised in dance step. The image suggests a Ritual for a successful hunt. His mask reveals and liberates the animal nature within the man, which would have enabled him to come into contact with supernatural forces or the spirit of animals and petition them for help.

Masks have been used throughout history in numerous rituals, liturgies, theater, and folk art. The mask has been revered as a sacred object of power, a living thing that either has its own persona or represents the persona of another being. It enables the wearer magically to bring to life, and even become, the persona or spirit being represented by the mask. While the mask is on, the wearer is no longer completely himself or herself but shares his or her identity with that of the mask. He or she has freedom—and permission within society—to act differently, even outrageously. The transformation has its limits and controls: The wearer cannot go beyond the bounds of the mask itself and is transformed only during the wearing of the mask. When the mask comes off, the wearer must return to ordinary reality.

The transformative power of the mask can be explained in Jungian terms. A mask connects its wearer to archetypal powers residing within the collective unconscious. The mask is a mediator between the ego and archetype, the mundane and the supernatural, the sacred and the comic. It connects the present to the past, the individual to the entire collective of race, culture, country—and humanity.

In cultures where the mask is treated with reverence, mask-making is a respected and skilled art. For example, in Bali, masks play major roles in rituals and performances. The masks are carved from wood. Before carving is begun, the sculptors meditate on the purpose of the mask, the persona in the mask itself, and the performer who will wear it. The performer also meditates upon the mask prior to wearing it. He or she may even sleep with it next to him or her to incubate dreams based upon its appearance and persona, which will inspire the performance to greater depth.

Ritual of Possession:

This mask does not come possessed just by purchasing the mask. It does not have a chosen entity attached to it in any way. It is a beautiful clean slate for you to decide what entity calls to you to possess it.  

The possession rite is a ritual that you can perform on your own, or you can purchase a consecration ritual in which JS Garrett will perform a sacrificial rite with the entity of your choosing, evoking the entity within our deification circle, making it a sacrifice on your behalf and asking it to possess the mask for you and bestowing their gifts, abilities and powers upon the wear. If you are interested in having JS do this for you, here is the link to add to your cart with the mask: Consecration ritual to possess spirit mask

Take your ritual magick to the next level by using a possessed spirit mask in order to not only show honor and praise to the spirit you decide to reside within this object, but also to give you ease to a new level of power.

This particular mask:

These masks are hand crafted out of vinyl records by J.S.'s extremely talented cousin, Cassie. She spends days following spirits that lead her to molding, cutting and sewing the vinyl into these divine creations. Each mask is a one of a kind. They will not be duplicated. 

This particular mask comes in red, grey and blacks and has a goatee attached. This was created with Shemyaza top of mind, but it has not been possessed/claimed by any spirit yet - so you are free to choose the entity you wish to reside within. It has a snug and strong full elastic strap and face padding glued on the inside for comfort. To see a video of Barbie modeling this mask here: New Spirit Masks


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