Consecrated Shemyaza's Master Key Amulet | Ebook & Videos

Consecrated Shemyaza's Master Key Amulet | Ebook & Videos


Extremely Limited Quantity

The Amulet:

The Amulet is Pewter for it's Saturnian properties as well as to minimize allergies. The necklace is a fully adjustable black cord.  

Who is Shemyaza?

That is a good question. It seems that the powers that be have gone to great lengths to almost completely wipe the knowledge of this great being from our history. I suggest that this was done intentionally out of fear, for the knowledge that Shemyaza holds is possibly the greatest threat to the global power structure and enslavement of the human race. If it were not for the fairly recent discovery of The Dead Sea Scrolls then we would likely never know of his existence at all. The Book of Enoch (which was intentionally removed from The Bible) briefly describes Shemyaza as the leader of The Watchers. A group of 200 "Fallen Angels" who rebelled against "God" and fell to Earth in order to have sex with the Earth women. Seeding a race of evil giants called Nephilim who wreaked havoc upon the Earth until "God" sent his army of Arch Angels to defeat them and bind their bodies deep within the Earth until the "Final Judgment".

I believe that this is a grotesque perversion of their history and character. Describing these godlike beings as a bunch of disobedient children who rebelled against Daddy and threw away their divinity all because they wanted some pussy. To me this sounds absurd.

The ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians all tell of a race of Godlike beings called "The Anunnaki" who came to earth in the distant past and created humans for the purpose of slave labor in order to help them mine the gold from within the Earth. I believe that the group known as The Watchers were probably assigned to oversee this operation and ensure that the slaves continued to serve their purpose and keep them in line should they decide to revolt against their Masters. Perhaps they did so for a time. Then perhaps they came to the realization that they too were slaves to this empire. Perhaps they saw an opportunity to liberate themselves through the liberation of humankind and began teaching humans the secrets of science, sorcery, warfare, and self deification. Teaching us to break free of our slave dogma and stand up to this empire declaring our own independence and freedom. To me this scenario seems a bit more believable. Though this is just one of many theories regarding this subject.

It is said that Shemyaza taught humans the secrets of root work and sorcery. It is also said that he is the knower of the secret name of "God". And that one can use the knowledge of this "name" in order to ascend to Godhood themselves. I believe that this is slightly misinterpreted in that he is "The Knower of The Names". As in he is the one who can divulge to the Magickian his or her true name. Their God name. And that once the Magickian discovers their God name they can then use that name in order to access their own divinity. Deifying themselves to a level that allows them to escape their endless incarnation cycle of slavery upon this Prison Planet. Shemyaza teaches the Magickian to tap into the very essence of magick itself in order to discover their own divinity and reclaim their "Divine Spark" as their own. Shemyaza will be your guide upon this Shamanic journey of self liberation. I have come to know him as The Father of Shamanism and Self Deification or "Shamans King". But like I said these are just my personal theories and opinions. Who is Shemyaza? Meet him and know him, and decide for yourself.

The Master Key


After its release in my addition to the Compendium of Azazel, I began receiving requests to have it printed on clothing and crafted into talismans. You asked for it, so we did it! Shemyaza’s Master Key Amulet is now available!! This universal seal was given to me by Shemyaza himself. It was at the conclusion of a brutal 2-year pathworking which I finished on the full Solar Eclipse of 2017. When the sun turned black, I covered myself in my own blood and offered myself as a living sacrifice to Shemyaza. Shortly after the Rite's conclusion, as I was showering the dried blood from my body, it was as if a bolt of lightning struck me in the eyes, and this seal was forever seared into the back of my eyelids. I immediately grabbed a marker and drew, what Shemyaza would later tell me is the Master Key, on the bathroom mirror. I initially thought this was the sigil of Shemyaza, as there is no recorded sigil for him, but after much evocation and experimentation, I realized that it was not only a sigil for which to summon the power of Shemyaza but that it could be used to tap into the very essence of Magick itself. It was a powerful gift from the teacher of sorcery. He said that it was “Knowledge, Strength, Power, Protection & Attack in every direction”!! A universal piece of metaphysical technology that can be used for anything! It’s applications are limitless.


Harness the primordial power of the elements!


I have given the Master Key to other magickians over the last 2 years. They have all reported remarkable feedback from their experiences working with it. One friend had used it in a rite to end a very long drought that her city was experiencing. Within hours of this ritual being completed, her city was hit by a violent storm which indeed ended the drought and actually killed a person. Of course, this was not her intention, but - Wow! The Power!! She was able to harness the power of the elements through the Master Key and manifested a brutal storm within a short amount of time and to immense power. Too much power!


Other things that this sigil has been reported to do:


  • Sigil to call forth the teacher of sorcery himself - Shemyaza
  • Opens a portal to summon forth any of the 200 watchers - This is quite useful considering that we only know about 20 of their names out of 200, the gnosis you can receive is limitless.
  • Create psychic connections between people - reading thoughts or harnessing others powers through the connection of one or more Master Key.
  • Portable spirit gateway to use anytime, anywhere, for anything - In times of great danger or fast need for action - the Master Key has come to aid. A powerful tool to manipulate your reality in a pinch.
  • Focuses, channels and harnesses pure, raw, primal energy. - Spirits of animals
  • Amplify, harness & channel your own personal power - amplify your own magick and force your will upon reality.
  • Serious protection seal
  • Call upon the raw, primal power of the elements
  • Transfer energy from one person to another - to heal or to harm
  • Just look at the talisman and slip into an altered state of consciousness



Besides being known as the teacher of rootwork and sorcery, Shemyaza is also known for teaching humanity to work with metals. The Master Key is very Saturnian in design and nature. So having the amulet made of 100% pewter - which is a Saturnian metal - makes this far more intense with the alchemical properties. The pewter makes it hypoallergenic and is on a fully adjustable leather cord. It is rugged, yet beautiful making it a great piece for anyone. My dear friend, The Talimancer handcrafted each of these amulets. The craftsmanship is superb and the energy that radiated from the package when they were shipped to me was already immense. However, I want these gifts to be lightning bolts of power in each of the recipient's hands, so I have performed an extremely intense consecration rite with each and every one of the 20 that are currently available - amplifying their power with a blood sacrifice. These are now tiny nuclear reactors in the hands of those who wield them. It does not matter the path, current, or type of work you are going to perform, this amulet can amplify the power. There is no magickal operation that I can think of that I wouldn’t use these in.

You will also receive a link to the full consecration video and an Ebook & video to perform a self initiation into the current of Shemyaza and the Watchers.

What to expect:

  1. Place your order
  2. We will email the E-book, Consecration video, JS's explanation of the Master Key Presentation, DIY self-initiation ritual video & tracking info within 72 hours.
  3. Your amulet is shipped via Priority mail.

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