Terms and Conditions

Office hours:

Our office hours are Wednesday-Sunday 9pm-2am EST. We will send emails with any courses, scheduling, or tracking numbers during this time to the email on your order form. All products will ONLY ship to the preferred PayPal address. Please make sure that if your address is different, you note such in the notes section to bring awareness to such.  

Wait times & emergencies:

Our business is a thriving one and because we offer services and products that no other sorcerer offers, we can be booked out 4-8 weeks at any given time. Our policy is first come-first serve.  

For a fee, we can possibly take a our night off to help in emergency situations. However, we always advise not waiting until your situation is dire before looking for help, but of course this is not always a possibility. Please note love and wealth magick does not constitute an emergency. Emergency situations are taken on a case by case basis. You should reach out before placing your order if you have any question as we have a no refunds policy.  

Incomplete rituals:

With any service, you are paying for our time. This means that if we attempt to perform a ritual and for any reason that we deem is the clients fault, that the ritual can not be completed, if we spent the time trying and can show the client a video of such, then we have performed what the client has paid for. This does not happen often and it is usually because the client doesn't follow directions as instructed or because the client has been previously cursed or performed other magickal work that has made it impossible for them to benefit from the working without other work being done prior. Only the client knows their history, and if the clients aren't honest about it, then it can cause the client time and money. If you have any questions, reach out to us prior to ordering, because we have a no refund policy or book a face to face consultation to discuss the proper path for you.



Consultations are on a first come, first serve basis and are only provided on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 9pm-1am EST. Once you have placed your order, we will email you to set up your appointment. Please note that if you have an emergency (please see what constitutes and emergency above), we will try to accommodate you, but it is not guaranteed. We advise contacting us before placing your order if this could be an issue.  

Consultation no shows:

If we try to contact you at the time that was agreed upon and you stand us up, you have forfeited your consultation. Again, you are paying for our time...and if we make the time to sit in front of the computer to speak with you, it is only respectful for you to do the same. We prefer to have consultations face - to - face. Please provide the email address associated with your skype account when ordering.

Rescheduling consultations:

Rescheduling is not an issue. Please ensure that you do this at least 24 hours before your consultation time, otherwise it will be considered a no-show (see above).

Unprofessional or unkind conduct:

If you are rude/disrespectful to us or the entities that we work with, or if you are unprofessional in the way that you conduct yourself both to and about us and our ally entities, or our team members, then we reserve the right to terminate our services with you at anytime without prior notice or refund. By purchasing services or products with us, you agree to always be kind and professional in your correspondences with us and on social media about us.  


Anything purchased through JSGarrett.com is the intellectual properties of JS & Barbie Garrett or their team members and we reserve all rights and control.  


If you decide that you no longer want a certain service or product, we can make the change for you, but there are no refunds given. You will be given credit for any unused portion of your payment. This credit expires after 180 days.


Due to the messy nature of our sacrificial rituals, we must perform them outdoors. This means that we are at the mercy of mother nature and can not guarantee a ritual to be performed on any specific date. If your ritual is rained out, it will be placed back in que and will be performed the next available evening that is rain free.